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Your Spiritual Secret Identity

Today’s Reading: Revelation 2:2-17

Revelation 2:17 — “I will give him a white stone, with a new name written on the stone that no one knows except the one who receives it.”

God promises a fresh identity. Jesus told the believers at Pergamum that if they would hear and obey what the Spirit was speaking to them, they would be victorious and be rewarded with a spiritual secret identity. Isn’t that interesting? Jesus will give believers a white stone with a new name written on it that nobody else knows.

Perhaps this is a name that is a personal nickname that Jesus gives, such as the name “Peter" which was given to Simon, Andrew’s brother. Jesus knew something about Simon’s character and nature and gave him a nickname that matched it. Nicknames show love between friends.

Perhaps this is a name that is a pet name that Jesus gives, like the names that lovers give to one another that nobody but they can use in the intimacy of their relationship. Couples call each other “darling” or “honey” or “sweetheart,” but some give each other more private names that express their love.

In some countries, when a witness gives evidence in a court case against dangerous people, the witness is given a new identity and moved to a new location to live a new life where they cannot be harmed by the people they testified against. When you became a believer in Christ, you received a new identity that can keep you safe from the enemy. You are a Christian, you are hidden in Christ, and you have a new way of living to grow into and experience.

Today, Jesus knows you better than anyone else does, and He has a name for you that is personal and intimate and expresses His great love for you. Jesus prays for you by name, because He is your personal Lord and Savior. He is your personal friend and lover. Call on His name. Say it out loud. “Jesus.” It is the Name above all names and it is the only name in which we find our salvation.

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“Jesus prays for you by name, because He is your personal Lord and Savior.”

When I was in college, the book “What would Jesus Do?  It was very popular. I didn’t think I could live like him and some parts seemed to be impossible. But one thing has changed me from that till now; he knows my name, and he stays not far from me. He knows my circumstances. I still can’t live like him, but he lives and loves me very much like him, Jesus!

I am thankful because there is someone I want to be like...

...2024년 4월 18일 묵상

“예수님은 당신의 개인적인 주님이자 구원자이시기 때문에 당신의 이름을 부르며 기도하십니다.”

대학시절 『예수라면 어떻게 하셨을까?』라는 책을 읽었다…

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