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Waiting in the Night

Today’s Reading: Psalm 130:1-6

Psalm 130:6 — My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning, more than watchmen for the morning.

God promises that our patience will reveal His light . It is difficult to see in the dark. It is also difficult to stay awake at night. Many crimes are committed at night because criminals do not want to be seen. Enemy armies may plan surprise attacks at night to take advantage of sleepy sentries who may not notice the enemy’s approach until it is too late.

The author of Psalm 130 says that his soul waits for the light like watchmen or sentries long for the light of morning. For a watchman or sentry, the appearance of the sun makes it easier to see and stay awake. It brings relief and a sense of security.

Sometimes our souls go through night seasons when there seems to be no spiritual light. We wonder, “Where is the Son?” Jesus does not feel close by even though the Bible says that He never leaves us nor forsakes us. We cannot see what God is doing and we wonder if He is doing anything to help us. Is God watching and listening to our cries for mercy? Have I sinned and strayed to some dark place where His mercy cannot reach?

In the night seasons of our souls, our eyes and ears strain for a glimmer of hope, a whisper of assurance that Jesus is there in the darkness with us. The night season is not a punishment for sin, but a test of our faith to see if we believe God’s promises and trust in Christ alone. Jesus is always there whether we can see, hear, or feel Him. Jesus always sees us, always hears us, always knows exactly what we are thinking and feeling.

We must learn to patiently wait by faith and not rely on sight, feelings, or human reason for our hope and assurance. The night season does not last forever. The light of dawn will always come. In the night season, we learn to abide in the truth of God’s word and make it our true hope. We have no need to fear the dark. God’s word will revive us and keep us safe and secure in Christ.

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