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Waiting For The Lord

Today’s Reading: Psalm 27

Psalm 27:14 — Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!

God promises strength when we wait for Him. In 1 Samuel 13, Saul and his army were waiting for Samuel to arrive  to offer a sacrifice. God, through Samuel, had commanded Saul to wait. But when Saul’s troops began to desert him, Saul offered the sacrifice instead. Saul’s impatience cost him his kingdom.

Saul failed the patience test. When he saw his men scattering, Saul decided to disobey God’s command. Saul thought he would ensure victory for his troops by taking matters into his own hands instead of leaving the victory in God’s hands.

We live in a culture that wants things to be done quickly. We grow impatient with people and processes that are slow. We want people to answer our phone calls, emails, and text messages almost immediately. Some of us cannot relax on vacation but have to be going somewhere and doing something every moment. For some of us, the verse that says, “Be still and know that I am God” seems impossible. Be still?

Sometimes God applies the brakes and slows our lives down. He does not answer our prayers immediately. He delays His provision. He makes us wait … and wait … and wait some more. We want rocket delivery and God says, “Wait.” God wants to set the pace in the race we are running by faith.

Waiting means patiently trusting God to do what He wills according to His timetable. Waiting is not giving up in to frustration like Saul and trying to do God’s will for Him. God will not be rushed. We need God’s strength to be patient and wait for Him to complete what He is doing. Be brave and wait for the Lord!

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“Waiting means patiently trusting God to do what He wills according to His timetable.”

God does not hurry in His development of our Christian life. He is working from and for eternity! God Will modify the pace.from Miles J. Stanford.

I die and Jesus lives.

Try to follow his pace and timetable!

Thank you Jesus!

.2024년 4월 27일. 묵상

“기다린다는 것은 하나님께서 그분의 시간표에 따라 그분이 뜻하시는 일을 행하실 것이라고 인내심을 갖고 신뢰하는 것을 의미합니다.”

하나님은 우리 그리스도인의 삶을 발전시키는데 서두르지 않으십니다. 그분은 영원 전부터 영원히 일하고 계십니다! 하나님은 속도를 조절할 것입니다. - Miles J. Stanford

나는 죽고 예수님은 살아 계십니다.

그의 속도와 시간표를 따라 가겠습니다

주님 감사합니다!

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