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Strength for the Journey

Today’s Reading: Isaiah 40:18-31

Isaiah 40:31 — They who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

God promises needed strength. Our God is omnipotent; He has infinite power and strength. God promises that if we trust in Him, if we wait for Him, He will provide us with strength to fly, to run, and to walk. The Christian life is a long-distance race, like a marathon. Most of the time we are walking with the Lord, but at times we run, and sometimes we even fly.

Our daily Christian experience is a walk. Scripture tells us to walk in the light, to walk by faith, and to walk in the Spirit. Since we are following Jesus, walking at His side, we rely on Him to lead us in the way we should go, and He sets the pace. Step by step, we go forward in the way He makes for us, but even then we stumble or go astray, and we may faint if we are not trusting Him to strengthen us.

Sometimes the Lord makes a very clear path for us and shows us exactly where to go or what to do and He says, “Run!” He gives you your calling and says, “Go! Run after this! Pursue it! Don’t hesitate!” If we go after what God has called to us by faith in Him and His Word, we can run and not be weary.

There are other times we must fly. The Lord wants to take us up out of our situation. So sometimes, God enables us to soar and see things from a heavenly point of view. He gives us a “bird’s eye view” of what is happening in our lives so that we can gain perspective, see God’s hand at work in our situations and circumstances, and have hope. Again, this comes from trusting the Lord and waiting on Him and His power over all things.

The Christian life requires strength, and the Lord offers us Himself as the source of all the power we need for each day’s journey. Be content to walk with the Lord, but be ready to run when He says, “Go!” And expect God to give you eye-opening flights from time to time to show you what His mighty hand is doing in your life.

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05/22/2024 Devotional

“The Christian life requires strength, and the Lord offers us Himself as the source of all the power we need for each day’s journey.”

God knows me, really! In many cases, he gives me strength through words and praise, but today, my godly friends of GMC visited my home and gave me strength through praise, words, and prayer. God knows me well and gives me strength according to His time.

Today, I had a great time fellowshipping with my pastors and friends. Thank you Lord for allowing me a precious time to laugh and chat while sharing the right dessert. I experience how God has strengthened me in this way. Thank you, Jesus!

2024년 5월 22일 묵상


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