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Our Good God Knows Best

Today’s Reading: Luke 12:1-7

Luke 1:6 — What is the price of five sparrows—two copper coins? Yet God does not forget a single one of them.

God promises to never forget us for He is good. Jesus reminds us of our value in God’s eyes and of how much God cares for us. He tells us that God knows us in detail—even the hairs on our heads are numbered! God knows the whereabouts of every little bird on the planet, even though they have not much value, Jesus reassures us we have much more value and that God takes interest in and care of our lives.

We need to read our Bibles to remind ourselves of how personal God is. God has spoken to us. God has personally formed us in our mother’s womb. God has give us a personal calling, plan, and purpose for our lives. God has come to dwell among us and within us. God knows our thoughts, our motives, our needs, and our desires. God also knows our strengths and weaknesses, our tendencies, and our personalities.

Jesus is telling us that God knows what is best for us and that we ought to trust God to do what is best for us. Why? Because God is good. Jesus said this Himself: “No one is good except God alone” (Mark 10:18).

That is a profound truth that the world needs to hear and receive. No one—not you, not I, not anyone else on this planet—is good. We were not born good. We cannot make ourselves good people through our good works. The standard of good is divine goodness—the goodness of God—and no human being, not Moses or Muhammad or Buddha or Sun Myung Moon, any other “enlightened” human being comes close to God’s standard of goodness.

Only God is good, and He has chosen to bless us with His goodness. God sent His goodness to us in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ, who died in our place for our sins to make a way for us to become right and good in His sight. We have received the goodness of God and we should trust Him to know and do what is best for us and those that we love. 

Exodus 25:8 — Good and upright is the LORD; therefore He instructs sinners in the way.

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“God has give us a personal calling, plan, and purpose for our lives.”

My Father, God trained me for 30 years and called me to be a professional musician. He then guided me to focus on raising my children. Currently, I think He is calling me for GMC. I have many obstacles, but there is a God who knows me and guides me, so I only rely on my Lord. I give myself to you, God!

Thank you Jesus!

04/24/2024 묵상.

“하나님께서는 우리에게 개인적인 소명과 계획과 삶의 목적을 주셨습니다.“

주님께서 30년 동안 훈련시키셔서 전문 음악가로 부르셨다 그 다음엔 자녀들을 집중적으로 키우게 인도하셨다 현재인 지금은 GMC를 위해 부르시는것 같다 장애가 많다 그러나 나를 아시고 나를 인도하시는 하나님이 계시니 주님만…

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