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Our Everlasting Rock

Today’s Reading: Isaiah 26:3-13

Isaiah 26:4 — Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.

God promises to be our rock. Israel is a rocky land in many places with caves and crevices where one can find shelter from a storm or hide from one’s enemies. The idea of God being our everlasting rock is that we have a secure foundation on which we can build our lives and find refuge.

Throughout the Old Testament we see declarations that God is the Rock of my salvation (Deuteronomy 32:152 Samuel 22:47Psalm 89:2695:1). David had to hide from Saul in caves. David knew God as the Rock of his salvation, meaning the God who delivered him from his enemies.

Both Moses and Elijah had revelations of God’s power and glory when they were in clefts of rock (Exodus 33; 1 Kings 19). We see that we can hide in the everlasting Rock for safety and deliverance, and to hear God’s voice whisper to us words of truth, life, and encouragement.

Jesus Christ is likened to a rock in the New Testament. He is the chief cornerstone of the church upon which everything else is built. He is our firm foundation that the storms of life can never wash away. Paul called Jesus our spiritual Rock that gushes forth the waters of life in dry places (1 Corinthians 10:4).

Jesus Christ is the eternal Rock we can hide in and cling to that does not change or move when all else is our lives is shaken and falling apart. Jesus our Rock is a landmark that we can look to from wherever we are to help us navigate our lives. Run to the Rock and abide in the cleft of the Rock a soon as trouble comes. You can trust in the Lord Jesus Christ forever.

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“Isaiah 26:4 — Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.”

It's not just hard work. When something really, really hard happens, there's no other place to go but to God. Being able to live with the Lord as the source of my strength is a blessing and God’s grace! Thank you Jesus!

04/23/2024 묵상

”너희는 영원토록 주님을 의지하여라. 주 하나님만이 너희를 보호하는 영원한 반석이시다.“ 이사야서 26:4

‭그냥힘든일이 아니고 정말 정말 힘든일이 일어났을때 하나님 아니고 갈때가 없더라 주님을 나의 힘의 근원으로 인정하고 살수 있다는게 축복이고 값없이 받은 은혜이어라! 주님 감사합니다

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