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Looking for God

Today’s Reading: Isaiah 45:18-25

Isaiah 45:19 — I did not speak in secret, in a land of darkness; I did not say to the offspring of Jacob, ‘Seek me in vain.’ I the Lord speak the truth; I declare what is right.

God promises to reveal Himself to seekers. It is fun to play a game of hide and seek with children, but it would not be much fun to play that game with God. Why? Because God is omniscient (He knows all), He would know where to find you before He said, “Ready or not, here I come!” Also, God is omnipresent (He is in all places at all times), so wherever you hid, He would already be there. Lastly, God is not interested in hiding Himself.

God is a spirit who is invisible to human eyes, but that does not make Him a ghost or something unreal. In fact, God is more real than the reality we can see and perceive through our five senses. He created the visible universe of matter and energy. He created the world we live in. He created all life in its incredible diversity, and He sustains all that exists by the word of His power. As God says, “I am the Lord, and there is no other.”

Evidence of God is written in the macro reality of the stars and the galaxies, in the precise placement of the earth and its moon in our solar system so that life is possible on our planet. Evidence of God is written in the micro reality of DNA and the intricate genius of design in every organism, but especially human beings. We are indeed “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

God is not hiding Himself from us. God wants to be known by us and strives to make Himself known. He has given us an amazing document we call the Holy Bible which tells us about God, the origins of the universe and humanity, the reason why there is pain, suffering, and death in the world, the purpose of our existence, and what becomes of us when we die. God knows all this and tells us through His written word.

If anyone wants to know God, all he or she must do is say, “Open my eyes, Lord. I want to see You.” God is not hiding Himself somewhere He can never be found. He is not hidden in a land of darkness and speaking in secret. God declares, “Here I am! I am hidden in plain sight if you will bother yourself to look and believe.”

Look for God in your life today. If you seek Him, you will surely find Him because He is waiting to be found.

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“Here I am! I am hidden in plain sight if you will bother yourself to look and believe.”

“I can never escape from your Spirit! I can never get away from your presence! If I go up to heaven, you are there; if I go down to the grave, you are there. If I ride the wings of the morning, if I dwell by the farthest oceans, even there your hand will guide me, and your strength will support me.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭139‬:‭7‬-‭10‬ ‭NLT‬‬

I need you, Jesus!

2024년 6월 7일 묵상

"나 여기있어! 당신이 보고 믿으려고 애쓴다면, 나는 눈에 잘 띄는 곳에 숨어 있습니다.”

“내가 주를 떠나 어디로 갈 수 있으며 주 앞에서 어디로 피할 수 있겠습니까? 내가…

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