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Do Not Give Up

Today’s Reading: Galatians 6:1-10

Galatians 6:9 — Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

God promises a harvest. the Bible teaches the law of spiritual reaping and sowing. In the natural world, what you plant determines what grows. In the spiritual world, where you plant determines what grows. If you sow to your flesh, you reap corruption, but if you sow to the Spirit you reap eternal life.

We can sow our time and our treasure. If I invest my time and money in gratifying my fleshly desires, I end up with nothing constructive or lasting, nothing that produces eternal life. But if I invest my time and money by faith in what pleases God—what Paul calls “doing good”—I end up reaping that which lasts forever.

Sometimes we invest in things that promise a quick return on our investment. The flesh promises instant gratification. I may tell a lie and escape punishment for the moment, but I have added sin to sin and will reap greater punishment later. I may give in to sexual lust now and experience pleasure, but there will be consequences later that will make me regret my decision.

We need to invest in doing divine good even though the fruits of such investments may not reveal themselves for a while. Remember that the Lord of the harvest determines when things a ready to be reaped, not the laborers. This is why Paul encourages us not to grow weary in doing good and not give up. In due season we will reap.

Let’s continue to pray for the lost and to witness to them faithfully as the Spirit gives us opportunities. Let us continue to gather together in Jesus’ name and learn of Him from God’s word. Let us continue to support missionary work throughout the world. Let us continue to build one another up in grace and encourage each other’s faith. Let’s continue to give what we can. Don’t give up. In due season we will reap.

When Jesus was laid in the tomb, all seemed lost. But on resurrection Sunday… 

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“Let us continue to support missionary work throughout the world.”

In the end, everything we do - whether be praised or criticized - should be focus on saving others life. If I can't do it, help someone who does it instead of me. Know God and help them to know God!

Thank you Jesus!

결국은 우리가 하는 모든일은-칭찬을 받던 비난을 받던-한 영혼을 살리는 일에 촛점이 맞춰줘야 한다는 갓이다. 내가 못하면 나대신 하는 사람을 돕기라도 하는것이 영혼을 살리는일이다. 하나님을 알고 그 하나님을 알게 도우라!

주님 감사합니다!

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