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A Mighty Fortress is Our God

Today’s Reading: Psalm 46

Psalm 46:11 — The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress. 

God promises to be with us in everything. Psalm 46 assures us that the Lord of hosts is very present, that God is with us at all times. When the earth quakes, when the oceans roar and surge, when the nations rage—we can be still and know that the Lord is God and our fortress.

Calamities come as part of life. Nobody escapes suffering. We live in a fallen, broken world among fallen, broken people, so there will always be problems and troubles, trials and tribulations. But we do not have to face these hardships alone. God is with us.

God is with us in our pain and suffering. God is with us when the doctor gives us bad news about our health. God is with us when there is an accident resulting in injury or death. God is with us when our finances are crashing and our relationships are falling apart. God is with us when we have no job, no friends, no visible means of support.

God promises to be our refuge and our strength. He will be there in times of trouble. He will be our fortress where we can run to find shelter in the middle of the storm or the battle. God says, “Be still, and know that I am God.” He is God over health, finances, and relationships. He is the Lord of life, the God of all comfort, the author of salvation, the helper, the healer, the friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Jesus is the Lord of hosts, the commander of heaven’s armies, and He has already won the greatest battle ever fought. God is for us, watching over us, and lifting us up in intercessory prayer. His perfect love for us cast out fear and gives us faith and hope in Him for the next step in His way. Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look to our mighty fortress, our rescuer, our strength for today.

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“Turn your eyes upon Jesus.”

It is great! How hopeful these words are!

God is always by my side, regardless of my situation or circumstance,

whenever and wherever... God protects and leads me like that!

I can't live without you Lord.

Turn my eyes upon Jesus!

2024년 4월 29일 묵상

“예수님만 바라 보세요.”

얼마나 희망적인 말씀인지 모르겠다 언제 어디에서나 나의 상황이나 상태에 관계없이 늘 내 옆에 계시다니..그렇게 날 지켜주시고 인도하시는 하나님! 주님 없이는 살수 없다

나의 시선을 주님께만 두리라!

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